Between Two Rivers

Think globally, act locally. We have all seen the beautiful pictures of glaciers, rainforests and pounding surfs; they captivate our imagination. The photographs in Between Two Rivers do the same. Between the Hudson and the Saw Mill rivers is Maggiotto’s local territory; a small wilderness between ribbons of asphalt and rail lines in lower Westchester. This environment is seeing the effects of invasive species and climate change too, yet it provides us with scenes of great beauty. The photographs are from all seasons. Winter is brown, summer is green and the autumn is a burst of fire. The scenes are composed to offer a richness of detail, enough for you to revisit the picture many times and still find something new. Rocks, trees, and vines fill the frame from edge to edge. Light of the day is captured in its fullness and most subtle colors. There are no grand vistas here; everything is a close inspection, a perfectly timed walk in the woods. These are prints in large format, which is the only way to absorb the detail he puts into the frame. Maggiotto presents our nearby wilderness with the same majesty others bring from around the globe.

Between Two Rivers Photographs by John Maggiotto

Upstream Gallery, 8 Main Street, Hastings on Hudson,

NY September 5th, to the 29th

Reception Sunday the 8th from 2 to 5

Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday 12:30 to 5:30pm

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